Our Distributor Difference: A Story About Positivity, Friendship and Health

Whether you’re just getting into a healthy, active lifestyle or have been doing it for years, having an accountability partner is one of the most effective ways to sustain good nutrition habits and a healthy behaviors like exercise.

As an Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor, Melissa is passionate about helping others on their journey to a healthier and happier life.  She works with her customer, Amy, to set nutrition and fitness goals while encouraging Amy every step of the way. Here is their story:

Ibi MontesinoSr. Vice President and Managing Director, North America

As senior vice president and managing director for North America, Ibi Montesino is responsible for all business, strategic, sales and marketing functions across the region, which includes the U.S., Canada, Jamaica, and the Caribbean. In her work across multiple areas of the business, Montesino has helped the Company and distributors offer healthier lifestyle choices to people in a wide range of socioeconomic conditions. 

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